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Here you can see the status of your payment. And also your number of uploaded images. If your name is not in list then your images are not uploaded correctly.

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Entrant No.Last NameFirst NameCountryPay StatusImages
1908270001CHAMBREMARCFrancePaid PP12
1909010003KAEDINGWOLFGANGGermanyPaid PP4
1909010004WANYIChinaPaid PP8
1909020005 TRANSA KIMUSAPaid PP19
1909100008CLAUDEJEAN FrancePaid PP4
1909100009XUXIAOMEIChinaPaid PP16
1909100010HUNGYUK FUNG GARIUSHong KongBeingCheck16
1909100011WONGSHIU GUNHong KongPaid PP12
1909140013ANAGNOSTIDISMARCFrancePaid PP4
1909150014LEUNGCYRIL KWOK KEUNGHong KongPaid PP8
1909150015LOKOSZOLTANHungaryPaid PP8